Pauls Journey

Pauls Journey

1. Vision
Paul recruits Timothy to Join Silas and Paul

Acts 16:6-10

Paul tries to go east to Asia and the Holy Spirit kept them from doing it.

Paul tries to go north to Bythinia, but the Holy Spirit would not allow them

Paul has vision of hungry man in Macedonia.

How well have you caught God’s vision?

Some people have been great vision catcher examples for us.

David Livingston

J. Hudson Taylor

William Boothe

Billy Graham

2. Venture
How long did it take for Paul to respond to the vision? At once (Acts 16:10).

Acts 20:6 It took them 5 days to return on this route.

He started going west and ended up in Philippi (Modern day Greece).

3. Victory

Philippi Overview

They went outside of Philippi to the river to find a place to pray.

They began to speak to some women gathering there.

One of them gave her heart to Jesus (Lydia).

Next they delivered a slave girl from a demon.

Next the jailor gave his heart to Jesus.

Acts 16:23-34
Why did Paul and Silas not leave the jail?


It is viewing things that have eternal implications as being more important than non eternal.

Do you want to see victory in your life?

Be led by the Holy Spirit

Obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit

Realize things might look different than how you would plan it.




Pauls Journey

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