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Dear Church Family

I have been doing a series on the purpose of the church by looking at the early church in the Book of Acts. What a crazy time in history. These disciples did not have Jesus walking alongside of them anymore. Instead they had to lean on the Holy Spirit for how to handle all these new situations.

The beautiful thing about the church is that the more pressure that came against it, the more it pressed into relying on the Holy Spirit. The more the church presses into the Holy Spirit, the more the church grows and spreads. It is an amazing thing. The world tries to stop the church from growing and the end result is that the church grows more.

The truth is that nothing can stop the church from growing except the church itself. When we stop pressing into the Holy Spirit and relying on Him, then we lose our effectiveness.


                The devil knows this and wants to do everything possible to get us to lean on our own strength, which leads to people having a works-based faith instead of a grace-based faith. One tries to work hard to be righteous. The other accepts God’s plan to be in relationship with Him and partner with Him in all we do.

I encourage you to never stop building a relationship with God. Trust Him, listen to Him, and walk with Him every day of your life. We don’t avoid our spouses for three straight days. Please don’t avoid God throughout your week. Trust Him.

In the service of His love – Pastor Paul and Junie, Abby, Isaac Gangle


Care Ministry Needs – If you know someone or ARE someone who is having surgery, is ill, grieving, shut-in, gave birth, or needs encouragement, please contact Jeri and David Alsup, so the church can come alongside and help. OR if you want to help those in need, please Call/text them at 541-913-9436 or email at jkaufman@bauercom.net. You can also fill out the Visitor/Prayer Needs/Care Needs Info. slip and place it in the envelope on the bulletin board or give to Jeri and David.


Ongoing Events and Meeting-Together Opportunities


Home Care Group2 Week Break for Missions – Call to find out when this restarts… Then Monday nights, 6-8pm at the home of Jeri and David Alsup. Kathy Smith and Jeri Alsup hosting. Light dinner at 6:00pm and group starting at 6:30pm. Call Jeri at 541-913-9436 or Kathy Smith at 541-968-9118 for more information.

Men’s Breakfast—every Saturday, 7:30-8:30 am, at the church. Men eat, talk, and pray for each other. Good time of accountability and fellowship.

Monthly Ladies Gathering— The first Saturday of each month beginning September 2017 we will meet from 10am-12noon to encourage each other, pray, and share some good food. Please let Junie know if you want to host the September get together, 541-556-3336.

Wednesday Night Prayer 6:30-8:00pm – Come to the church, intercede & bring your prayer needs. We worship the God of miracles – He Is Able!

Potluck –  July 30th  —Last Sunday of every month bring food & share in fellowship.

JH Girl’s GroupTaking a break for the summer!

Bottle Drop Fundraiserwe will be passing out bags for anyone and everyone to fill with returnable bottles and cans. DO NOT SEPARATE. WE WILL TAKE ALL OREGON REDEEMABLE BOTTLES, CANS, GLASS, ALL SIZES. No crushed cans. No Ice Tea, Juice, or Energy Drinks. Please make sure it is OR redeemable. We will turn them in and receive the deposits. Simple.

Eugene Mission Collections – Please check the barrel at church for what items we are collecting for the mission.

July/August Events


Pray for our Marriages and Children  – Last Tuesday of the month 7:00pm-8:05pm (July 25th) – Junie is leading a monthly prayer time to pray for marriages and our children. This will be a guided and focused prayer time where we will get started at 7:05 praying in earnest. We will pray God’s Word. We will pray for marriages for 30 minutes and then our children for 30 minutes. Not a time to complain about spouses and children, but to contend. We will end promptly at 8:05pm. If you are serious about praying and not looking to gossip, come pray.

10th Annual End of the Summer Block PartySaturday, August 26th, 11am-2pm. We want to end the summer with a BBQ with our neighbors. We are planning on having food, carnival-type games, school supply give-away, and WildOne’s Horse Ranch horse-back rides. We also want to give an opportunities for people to sing, play an instrument, and perform at the block party. Most importantly we want to share the gospel with our neighborhood and love in some practical ways as well. If you are interested in helping please call or e-mail Paul at 554-7021, or pauljuniegangle@yahoo.com and SIGN UP TO HELP AT CHURCH.



Church Projects and Needs

Below is a list of physical needs we have at our church facility. It is a blessing if you are able to give time and labor or donate additional funds to any of these projects/needs. If you are able to give your time and labor, please contact Pastor Paul at 541-554-7021. If you want to give additional funds to designate to a project or items, please contact Jeri Alsup, 541-913-9436. Anything and everything helps us to effectively grow our ministries at Fernridge Faith Center. We want to be a welcoming place to our community. Thank you!

The month/date we ideally want to get this project done by or item purchased by will be listed. If there is a cost it will be coded C and an estimated cost will be listed. If labor is needed it will be coded L.


Summertime – before block party 8/26

Drain system for new house – L/C - $500.00

Paint all 3 buildings exterior – Labor Only
1. Prep sanctuary & shed before Sat July 29
2. Paint Trim - sanctuary/shed on Sat July 29
3. Prep CE building & new house before Sat Aug 12
4. Paint Trim - CE building & new house on Sat Aug 12 

Picnic tables with benches – C - $300.00

New chairs for sanctuary – C - $10,000-20,000???



Plant bulbs all around – L/C - $150.00


Long term – next year 2018 or ????

Foyer/Entry area to expand - $40,000

Church Van – C - $10,000-15,000

Sprinkler system for lawn and beds – L/C - $1,500

New roof for CE building – L/C - $????

New computer – C - $1000.00

New projector for sanctuary - $2000.00



 ~ More To Come ~


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6 Responses to Our Church Calendar

  1. Christine Rider says:

    Do you have a Vacation Bible School scheduled for this coming summer? Could you send me the dates? Thank you.

  2. Wayne Wymore says:

    Hi Christine,

    We will be having Vacation Bible School in cooperation with the Veneta City Parks & Child Evangelism Fellowship July 30 – August 3rd. Only hours away… Call 541 342-8682 first thing Monday morning to see if there are any open spots left. Show up for lunch at Noon!

    Thank You,
    ps. We welcome participation from parents!

  3. Anna-Marie Johnson says:

    Hey, I was wondering what time the couples meeting is on Thursday. If you could let me know before then, that’d b great! Thanks a ton 🙂

  4. Wayne Wymore says:

    Hey Anna-Marie Johnson,
    As far as I know couples meeting happens at 6:30pm.
    Hope this helps,

  5. kathy says:

    wayne, how do I access utube for Easter songs

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