Mother’s Day

1. It is not easy being a mom

Eve lost Abel when Cain killed him – but Cain became a vagabond in the earth. So she lost two sons that day.

Sarah started to be a mom when she was into her 90’s. Enough said.

Rachel couldn’t compete with her sister Leah in producing kids. (Probably rubbed it in…)

Bathsheba married the man who called for the murder of her husband and lost their son.

Solomon had many wives and had no chance of giving them the proper amount of love.

Even Mary had it tough being a mom.

She had a bad reputation

She was poor

Luke 2:24

People hated her son
Things Mary had:
A supportive husband
A perfect son who obeyed everything you asked him to do on your first request.
An encouraging cousin Elizabeth

2. Mother’s make a difference
They protect
–Exodus 2:1-4
They instruct
–Who is Eunice?
–1 Timothy 1:1-5

3. Mother’s make a lasting impression

Jesus honored His mom while He was still on the cross

John 19:26-27

4. Mother’s want what is best for their children

This is the selfless trait that women throughout history are known for.

See: 1 Samuel 1:24-28
She gave Samuel over to the Lord






May 8 2011


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  1. Wayne Wymore says:

    This was an awesome “Mother’s Day” service. Hopefully you’ve already told your Mom “Happy Mother’s Day”… If not – Don’t forget!

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