Emotional Health – Loving Others

Emotional Health – Loving Others

We have looked at 5 different ways to help us grow on the inside.

  • Looked Beneath the Surface
  • Breaking the power of the past
  • Live in brokenness and vulnerability
  • Live within our limitations
  • How to deal with loss
  • All this aims us in one direction.
    Being able to love others well.

Jesus came into our world to where we are at

It is called the incarnation

–      He was fully God

–      He was fully man

1. A person who enters someone else’s world listens

  • This tells them that you care
  • This communicates respect
  • This demonstrates humility
  • Job 21:1-3
  • 1 Then Job replied:
  • 2 “Listen carefully to my words; let this be the consolation you give me.
  • 3 Bear with me while I speak, and after I have spoken, mock on.



2. Four types of listeners

Matthew 13:3-23

Parable of the Sower

a. Hard-hearted listener

This person hears without understanding.

  • There are two parts to communication.
  • The person who is trying to talk
  • The person who is listening
  • These people (hard-hearted listeners) do not learn well.


  • Don’t take advice
  • Never learn from their mistakes
  • Think they are always right

b. Shallow hearted listener.

This person has limited energy to put into listening.
They understand just pieces of things.

  • People are not important enough for you.
  • Romans 12:3 Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought.
  • We need to learn how to consider others better than ourselves.

c. Cluttered Listener

These people listen, but they are also thinking of other things

  • Usually well meaning, but too easily distracted.
  • We are too easily distracted and our relationships are the ones suffering
  • If we don’t listen well
  • Then we can’t love well
  • d. Fruitful listener
    This person listens and
    understands fully
  • *They are not too busy for you.
    *They make you feel important.

3. How to be a better listener

  • Put your agenda on hold
  • Allow the other person to speak until they completely share their thought
  • Explore – Tell me more, or help me understand
  • Briefly state back what you hear. “I hear you say that you are feeling like…

6-Emotional Health – Loving Others

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